Eight Dos and Don’ts of Content Marketing

One of the biggest reasons for failing to increase traffic to your website is not creating great and relevant content to market at your audience. In order for your business to be successful online, the creation of valuable and consistent content is crucial to attracting the target audience you desire, and so here’s how to go about it.

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Find Your Audience
There’s little point in writing brilliant and relevant content if you haven’t yet defined your target audience. By understanding your target audience through web development services in London, you’ll create content to get them engaged with your site.

Connect with Customers
The more opportunities you create with your audience, the more chances you have to gauge how they perceive you, so by generating feedback through surveys and social media, you’ll be on the right track to understand what it is they want.

Think About Design
Your brand design is one of the key goals of getting clients to visiting your website so that they can purchase a product or service from your company. Ensure your design is responsive on all devices by taking advantage of web development services from Redsnapper in London to help create designs that are simple and effective rather than overcrowded and confusing.

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Nurture Your Brand
Your content should aim to be impressive enough to be liked and shared over and over again. Sharing effective content will go a long way to building the success of your brand.


Hard Sell
People generally don’t like being forced into purchasing. They prefer to make an informed choice, so educating and entertaining them to give them an enjoyable experience is better than the hard sell.

Copy Others
Although it’s a good idea to check on your competitors, nobody will value copycat traits. Ensure your content strategy is original and true to your brand to encourage your customers to show interest in your site.

Duplicate Copy
Not only is plagiarism a severe offence, but duplicating content can badly be frowned on by search engines too. Subsequently, this can seriously harm your brand’s reputation, so stay away from duplicate content.

Be Selfish
Make sure your content is geared towards topics in your industry rather than talking about yourself and your products too much. Instead of posting just promotional articles, choose relevant content they can relate to.